Microsoft Teams status always offline


We have this problem tenant wide, everybody in the company are not able to change the status, it is always to offline.

This thing it's happened one week ago, somebody else has faced this issue?teams.status.jpg

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My status is online, so I don't think so.


Maybe someone changed a firewall rule somewhere ?

No changes have been made regarding the firewall and this problem is everywhere Web App, Windows App and Mobile App, by looking the log the status is 'Unknown' any ideas?

I seen someone else talk about this. They changed the way presence works on teams last week and not sure if it’s a bug or how your coexistence settings are setup but it was something with people still be setting on legacy or Skype only trying to set status on teams which won’t work as the presence I guess act like one or the other.

Could be a bug too. What are your users experiencing this coexistence mode set too?

I can't really see a link to the change made for presence, if it was @Giuliano De Luca looking at other people's presence then it might be, but here he's setting his own presence.


Time for a support ticket I would say @Giuliano De Luca

Na here’s the link. Others are having the same issues if you look at recent comments. Something related to coexistence settings, but probabaly bugged or they changed expected behavior.
Status presence definitively needs to be improved...not seeing this problem myself, but the delay that happens between the current status and the status the user had a time ago is quite confusing

@Chris Webb nothing in that thread relates to people being unable to set their own presence, only to how it's seen by other people. I don't see the connection.

It's all connected to the update that went out last week thou, just linking to it as others have odd issues with "Unavailable etc" in the comments. But agree with the whole ticket thing as something doesn't seem right :P.

Thanks, guys for your help, quick update, the issue is solved by changing the coexistence mode in islands, previously was set to SfB Only, but I'm confused now because as intended from the post shared by @Chris Webb:


With SfB Only the activity in Teams is based on SfB, then I'll open a ticket.


@Giuliano De Luca Did you get an answer on this? I'm in the exact same situation - SfB On Prem, Hybrid configured, Teams now shows all users as offline?

The only presence that will work in that case is if you use teams only or islands and are using teams in addition to Skype. What are you using and set to?

I'll try Islands - set to Skype for Business only, but read the same article above which makes it sound like it should work.

Not being onprem Skype. If you were Skype online it would. You’ll only get teams presence in your current configuration.

Then they should say 'Skype for Business Online' rather than just 'Skype for Business' :) We're set up for hybrid mode there too!


I've changed the setting and signed out/in, hasn't come good yet but I'm guessing it needs a bit of time to work itself out.

They do in some docs but it could be more consistent :).

5 hours and still no change, I might have to log a case :|

What exactly isn't working, you're in Teams looking at your own presence?

Correct, along with everyone else in the tenant. Everyone appears offline to everyone. It was fine a few weeks ago.

@Adam Fowler all I know is that a new mode will come to cover our scenario (SfB onprem) you can read this info there: