Microsoft Teams SIP gateway locations

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Hi all,


We have recently migrated to Teams and are now utilising our Skype 3PIP phones on the new Microsoft SIP gateway. When we sign in via and enter in the code generated by the phones we get the following message:



You're signing in to teams sip gateway on another device located in Ireland. If this isn't you, close this page.


Sometimes it is Ireland and other times its Netherlands. I presume that this might be location of the SIP gateways (may be I am wrong about this!). 


This concerns our users as they think they are being directed to a non-approved site. If this is indeed the location of the gateways then does Microsoft publish an official list of their SIP sites so we have a better understanding and allay the fear of those logging in?


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You really didn't say where the users are, so I'm saying that the location statement is incorrect. I believe that the problem might be the DNS that the phones are using. Microsoft uses a sophisticated geoDNS solution and the phones need to be able to resolve to a DNS that is local to the phones. This way they should get the SIP server nearest them.
For a multi-national organization that has locations in the US and Europe, if they are all using US DNS, then the Euro users can have issues getting to their closest access point.
Hi Ed,

Thanks for the reply. I should have mentioned the all of the users are located within the UK. So would the location look correct?