Microsoft Teams - Shifts not displaying correctly in Mobile App

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Our team uses the 'shifts' feature on a monthly basis. All of our shifts are assigned, and created using Eastern Standard Time. The majority of our Teams users have Teams App download on their personal device and Work device, however when checking their shift times on either mobile device using the Teams app, the shift times do not populate correctly. 

Teams pulls some of the shifts in ET, some of them in the employees local time zone. I (as the shifts manager/owner) have tried adjusting settings within teams, adjusting/deleting/re-adding shifts. We have seen the issue with multiple users, for multiple shift times. Deleting/re-installing the app has been unsuccessful, we have toggled on/off time zone setting in shifts, and toggled off/on shift cache



Attached is an example of the mobile display reflecting in half ET, and half MDT, as well as the desktop reflecting in all ET.




with no luck. Mobile DisplayMobile Display

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We are also having difficulty with the Shifts app in Teams on mobile. Open shifts aren't populating properly, old open shifts are hanging around, new open shifts aren't being displayed (they show up on the desktop just fine). Leaving out personal devices, many of our employees have company provided iPads that are fully updated (iPadOS 17.1.1 with Teams 5.20.2 currently installed and 5.21.1 just being released yesterday and beginning rollout now) and managed. They also have cellular data so they can be online 24x7 in addition to WiFi. When this happens the only successful option we've found so far is to log out of Teams and log back in. Refreshing Shifts, closing the app, etc. have not worked. Any recommendations / solutions would be greatly appreciated.