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Have you seen the new license "Microsoft Teams Shared Devices" available in your tenant now? It is actually not a completely new license, it is just the old Common Area Phone license that got a new name. But as the new name indicates it is not only for phones now, but you can also use it for more devices like Teams Panels and Teams Displays.


The list price of the license is still the same as for the CAP, €6.70 /license/month or € 80.40 / license/year. There is a trial available via M365 admin center, you will get 25 licenses during one (1) month trial period.





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@Linus Cansby I just noticed this change, and your post was first when I searched.   I should send Microsoft an invoice for the FTE I need just to update our documentation and software to keep up with their capricious license name changes.

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Linus, thank you for providing details on this functionality to our community!