Microsoft Teams screen sharing issue on iOS

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Hi all! 
Would really appreciate some input on an issue I'm currently dealing with, this has been logged with MS support but I'm not getting very far with that at the moment.

The issue involves a specific set of circumstances that prevent a meeting organiser, and other M365 (work or school account) attendees, from being able to screen share during Teams meetings, when they, and a user with a personal Teams account have joined the meeting via the Teams app on iPadOS or iOS.

The personal account, is however, still able to share their screen (from their iOS device) to all attendees. If the presenter was sharing their screen prior to the personal account joining then this is not interrupted and works fine too.
This does not affect (M365) attendees on the Windows 10 Teams app or when using a web browser, and they can still perform screen sharing as normal
This has been tested on the current version of Teams available from the app store (version 2.0.18 build 1.077.2020072902) and has been tested across iOS 12.4.8, 13.6 and iOS 14.0 beta (18A5342e)

This issue can be replicated consistently and requires the use of at least 2 iOS devices.
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Hi, did you ever get anywhere with this or receive any further guidance from MS Support?


EDIT - just responded to this without realising it was you Rob!  How you doing?

Hi Peter, I’m good thanks mate!

No, didn’t get much further with support unfortunately. I need to test again and see if it’s been resolved but I’m expecting it to be a ‘feature’ until I can get someone in the right area (engineering) to investigate...?