Microsoft Teams Screen Sharing Freezing

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I am new to Microsoft Teams and am using it for remote presentations in a university course. Our classes have been suspended because of COVID-19. This was going to be my go to tool for presentations but after this experience I am now hesitant to use it for this application. My first experience with screen sharing has not been great. Students are doing oral presentations and have PPT or video to share with fellow classmates. On all three occasions the screen has frozen up and we could no longer see the presenter. We still had audio but I had to continually reconnect the audio.  The Teams meetings work great for just a general discussion but once you add in or try to use some of the features it appears a bit fragile.  Has anyone else had this experience.

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Reset all the Teams sharing permissions including screensharing.


Step 1: Quit Teams
Step 2: From Terminal "tccutil reset All"
Step 3: Launch teams and re-approve camera, mic & screen recording

@davygravypdx I get 'tccutil' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

Over 1 year later and this has not been fixed. I was in a conference call with about 15-20 people. First signs of a problem was when the presenter's video feed froze. A llittle later, one person in the group reported her "slideshow" had frozen and she was looking at a blank screen. Audio was fine. 5-10 minutes later, the slideshow that was being presented on my screen did not progress. Audio was fine. I could still see the previous slide and it stayed like this until the end of the presentation. I recorded the presentation with OBS Studio which shows this. I have the Teams recording of the same event which shows the correct slide progression.

I use the Teams app, but I do use Chrome for our ticketing system, and turning off hardware acceleration in Chrome worked for me

Tried turning off hardware acceleration in Chrome, tried sharing a monitor instead of an app, neither worked.  It used to be just 50% of the time, now it's every single time.  I'm going to have to reinstall.  MS really needs to get a patch out on this, it's been well over a year, it's disrupting people's ability to work.

Not sure if this will help others, but I also had two computers using the team app start having issues with screen sharing freezing up the app and the only way to end call was using task manager to force close.  Running the command prompt as an administrator and then running sfc /scannow found corrupt files and fixed them which also corrected the teams issue on the two computers I had that had this issue.

Anyone resolved this issue?

@davygravypdx that appears to be a mac/lynux terminal command.

I too have this problem ALL the time when connecting to external screen shares.
Microsoft Teams Version
Mac OS Monterey 12.6.8
(this has been going on for many years with multiple OS X versions and Teams versions)

Work around has been to join the meeting from browser (Firefox, Safari is not supported as of Sept 2023)

It does NOT happen to others if I share my screen, only when external user shares.
Work around was to join the meeting via a browser