Microsoft Teams Screen Sharing Freezing

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I am new to Microsoft Teams and am using it for remote presentations in a university course. Our classes have been suspended because of COVID-19. This was going to be my go to tool for presentations but after this experience I am now hesitant to use it for this application. My first experience with screen sharing has not been great. Students are doing oral presentations and have PPT or video to share with fellow classmates. On all three occasions the screen has frozen up and we could no longer see the presenter. We still had audio but I had to continually reconnect the audio.  The Teams meetings work great for just a general discussion but once you add in or try to use some of the features it appears a bit fragile.  Has anyone else had this experience.

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Hi @Caper10 


Can you please try to do the screen sharing from a different device or try a Web Application instead. I am suspecting that some of the application or the Anti-virus is blocking some of the content on the Microsoft Teams Application causing the application to freeze.


You can also try to share the screen from your mobile application and see if that works fine. 


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I have experienced freezing as well. Usually with my Surface Pro when it gets hot after being on all day. I have not done student presentations yet, other than one-to-one conferences so I can't speak form experience on that. @Caper10 


I'm still new to Teams and in my meetings I have been sharing an excel file.  If I share and select the document to share after just a couple of clicks the excel file would freeze and I couldn't do anything.

I have tried this instead:

Share the main screen in Teams, open the excel file and drag it over the main screen.  So far this has worked for me.  I no longer try to share the excel file itself.


Hope that helps!


I had same issue on my dell latitude E6420, I have update my BIOS and SupportAssist software from dell to check all driver and registry issue.

It is working fine now from last few days.

We are seeing the same issue here. Any fix? Seems like a bug

@Darwin JebhaMy colleagues and I are also all seeing the same issue. We are using Office Pro Plus 2013. I don't know if this is the issue. I hope MS sort it out soon otherwise we will all switch back to WebEx (we all switched to Teams at the start of the COVID crisis because  WebEx got overloaded).

Our company is having the same issue.  The issue has recurred in many Teams videoconferences held by our senior management team and other company Teams meetings.  This is no small issue and a solution needs to be found by Microsoft.  Considering switching our company to ZOOM, which I've never experienced the issue.  @Caper10 

Not unique to a device.  I was in a meeting yesterday with 3 different presenters/device and the screen share froze on all 3 of them.  @RealTime_M365 

We experienced this with MS Teams as at 22 June 2020 and with Zoom on 21 June 2020. Sometimes when you stop and start sharing it works. Other times it does not.
@ICDLCentre-David What version of Office are you using? We are using Office 2013 and have been promised Office 365 imminently. Hoping Office 365 might end our misery.
We are using Office 365 for both host and client laptops.

@ICDLCentre-DavidThis is depressing :(

It should not depress as you have saved the cost on new Office Software. It tells us to look elsewhere for the problem. It points to the internet bandwidth at either of the ends, the host or the client.
@ICDLCentre-David With so many people working from home, improving internet bandwidth at the client would be a big challenge.

@Caper10 Seeing same issue - sharing O365 Excel, screen freezes. Note that you can roll the mouse wheel, and the scroll bar updates, but the file contents does not scroll. Sometimes unlocks after a few minutes. We have to revert to Webex for sharing Excel files.



I have been experiencing Microsoft Teams Screen Sharing Freezing in my Windows Desktop from mid may 2020.  I have tried everything, including hard Windows Reinstall. Teams Screen Sharing was working ok before that date.


After a clean Windows reinstall Teams work ok. But as soon as it start getting the last updates it starts freezing. When I say freeze I mean physicall hard reset of the device is needed.


I also tried restoration points after every successfully Screen Sharing session after Windows clean reinstall. No way. As soon as I go back to the restoration point, the updates start coming and freezing comes back.


I am sure this is driver related issue and my organization is heavy relying on Teams for screen sharing. This is a real problem.

@JorgeRamirez AGREE!  We are ready to roll-out teams to our entire organization and this is a BIG issue.


@Caper10 I had the same issues when using Microsoft Teams in my Web Browser (Chrome). I turned off the Hardware Acceleration  in your Settings > Advanced >System. It worked for me (so far).