Microsoft Teams screen share only works when one of my coworkers is absent?

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I have to use screen share when working with my students. When one of my coworkers is there, my students are unable to see my screen and can see only my initials. My coworker claims that they are able to see the screen. However, when different coworkers have been present, my screen share works just fine for my students. This only became an issue a few months ago. Not sure what the problem is since it seems to only act up when it's this one specific coworker. They have a double monitor I think, could that be affecting things somehow? Any insight is appreciated, I'm just trying to adjust to working remotely and exclusively on my laptop so I apologize if this is a simple fix, thanks!

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Hi Brigitte, welcome to the world of online learning, happy to have you onboard.


I can't easily think of a cause, I guess it would be interesting to know if your co-worker could share their screen with you and the class. Maybe they have a different Meeting Policy assigned to their account that limits what's allows in a meeting. You'll need someone who is a Team administrator to look at how their account is set up compared to yours.


I can't think of anything you can do differently.