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Hello Teams Community,


Please i need your help on this issue.


I purchased a team's room standard license on a free trial yesterday. We want to setup a team's physical room with this link:


I have Global Administrative Role.


But am getting this error below:








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@IBN The link from that page is for the Managed Services Portal, which is only accessible if you have a Teams Rooms Premium subscription. 


To get started with a Teams Rooms Standard license, you will need to create a Resource Account and assign the Teams Rooms license to it by following the instructions here: Create resource accounts for rooms and shared Teams devices - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs. Then you will sign in to your Teams Rooms device using the username and password for the resource account you have created. 


Once you have signed in to the device, it will appear in the Teams Admin Center under Teams devices > Teams Rooms on Windows or Teams devices > Teams Rooms on Android, depending on the device.