Microsoft Teams Rooms-MTR PC delay to received Meeting invitation way too long

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Hi guys:there are two meeting rooms,both are MTR systems-----Lenovo Thinksmart hub 500,after we installed the second Lenovo Thinksmart hub 500,we found out:everytime when someone booked a meeting and invited all the participants(includes this two meeitng room),the meeting join button will appears on touch panel of Lenovo in 10+munites later,but anther one and all the Microsoft Teams desktop app are properly(received the invitation immediately),note,this issue is not always happened on the same one of Lenovo,it happens on one of them randomly.Before I post this topic,I've already asked Lenovo technical support,Lenovo engineer told me to:if current OS version is not 21h2,update it to21h2;I did ,but not work,then I ask Lenovo technical support again,engineer told me to:update the MTR app to latest,I tried I,but the issue still.Dose anybody has an experience of that? how to solve it?Or this issue is unsolved for Microsoft and got to fix it in the future of OS or app update?

Thank you

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The OS does not affect when the calendar updates are received. Are you using hybrid with on-prem Exchange? Meetings should reflect on a MTR within 15 minutes so 10 minutes is not out of range. My room takes about 4 minutes in a non-hybrid environment

@Eric MarsiSo,the delay is a normal duration after meeting booked in daily use and there is no way to shorten it,right?