Microsoft Teams Rooms Console built on custom mini PC not showing under MTR device list

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Hello folks:


We built an MTR console on a mini pc in our lab to test the rooms. It is connected to a monitor and camera too. None of the devices are in the approved device list of Microsoft but it works. We are able to place video conference calls with it.


My question is that how come it does show as an MTR device under the admin.teams portal. We followed the official Microsoft instructions to create the rooms device and user account for it. So I am not sure why we cannot see it. What are we missing here?



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As you have built your own MTR, it is not a certified device, so won't show up.

@Graham Walsh 


Does anyone know if a MTR PC can be purchased outside of say a Logitech, Crestron, or Polycom Kit? I know Poly sells one, but I have a Logitech Tap, And I was wondering if I were to get the polycom MTR "PC" would the Tap from logitech work as intended. 


I miffed up bigtime and didn't realized the MTR is a completely different OS. I need two MTR PCs!!!!

Hi @Danny_Pratt_CTS-D  The compute should be purchased from the OEM as that is the certified build. But could you create your own, well yes, but you must use Windows 10 Enterprise VLSC edition. I know of others that have struggled building their own systems. Ultimately it won't be certified. 

@Graham Walsh 


Hi Graham,  


What is the primary difference between a certified device and a spun up MTR, is the application that the certified device is running?


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@MichaelDobo773 Certified devices have had 000s of hours of testing by several OEMs and spun up MTR has not been through the same testing and could produce unknown results.