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Dear Community, we have deployed a few YEALINK Meeting Board Devices with Microsoft Teams. The Devices have been enrolled in Teams / Intune (Compliant) without any Issues. The Devices is visible and healthy in the Teams Admin Center. Since a few weeke, we struggling with the Device Join in Teams Meeting, where the Meeting Room allways wait in the Lobby and a person have to admit the meeting room to join. This is a strange behavior, as the organisator and Meeting Rooms belongs to the same organisation and the Global Meeting Policy allows to bypass attendies from the same org. We have updated the Device with latest Firmware from Yealink and Meeting Rooms Apps from June, but no resolution. We have seen this Issues with two devices on different Office 365 Tenant. 


And experiences and hopefully resolution from the field


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Hi @Andre Hagmann,

It seems like you're experiencing an issue with YEALINK Meeting Board devices in Microsoft Teams meetings, where the meeting room always waits in the lobby and requires someone to admit it. This behavior is unexpected, especially when the organizer and meeting room belong to the same organization and the meeting policy allows bypassing attendees from the same org. Here are a few suggestions based on experiences from the field:

1. Double-check meeting policies: Ensure that the meeting policy applied to the meeting room devices allows bypassing attendees from the same organization. You can review and adjust the policy settings in the Teams Admin Center under "Meetings > Meeting policies." Confirm that the policy allows the desired behavior for meeting attendees from the same organization.

2. Review Teams meeting settings: Check the Teams meeting settings in the Teams Admin Center to ensure that there are no configurations that may cause the meeting room to be placed in the lobby by default. Look for settings related to lobby behavior or meeting admission and verify that they align with your desired requirements.

3. Verify user account settings: Make sure the meeting room devices are signed in with the appropriate user accounts and that these accounts have the necessary permissions to bypass the lobby. Check the user account settings in the Teams Admin Center and confirm that they are configured correctly.

4. Check device configurations: Review the configurations on the YEALINK Meeting Board devices themselves. Look for any settings that may impact the meeting join behavior or lobby admission process. Check the device documentation or contact YEALINK support for guidance on specific device settings related to Microsoft Teams integration.

5. Update firmware and apps: Ensure that both the YEALINK Meeting Board devices and the associated meeting room apps are running the latest firmware and software versions. Check for any available updates from YEALINK and install them accordingly. Keeping the devices and apps up to date can resolve compatibility issues and address known bugs.


You can also explore the link below to help further:





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@Andre Hagmann I have experienced the exact same issue. The password was expired and had to be changed. Check the following site for configuring the room mailbox account: 


I hope this will work for you!