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Does anybody know when it is expected to add the 3x3 video functionality to Microsoft Teams Rooms.

We've got the latest version released in May and we see new things like "Raise hand", but 3x3 video is not working on it... Is it enabled in this version and we should maybe restart the system several times, logout-login or something?


All the information I see about news in this version is this:  But is says nothing about 3x3 video or "raise hand" for example.


Thanks a lot!

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@ayrmfl  As these 3 new features have recently been the roll-out and being still roll-out to all organizations;

  • 3x3 video
  • Raise had
  • pop-out chat

it is likely some will have it already, for some they have to do manual sign-out & sign-in, exit, or even restart and some will even get it with these steps but everyone will get is soon so some patience as it is being rolled out still.



Thanks! No, but I didn’t mean in Teams desktop app (we already have it rolled-out in our company with all three features). I meant in video conference systems of Teams (Microsoft Teams Rooms). Our videoconference systems are in the latest version and I can see the raise hand... but not the 3x3 feature. So I don’t know if that particular functionality is only available in desktop app excluding conference systems (Teams Rooms).

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@ayrmfl The new video layout showing up to 9 participants is not yet applicable to the MTR.  Microsoft is targeting Q3 for this:


@Jeff_Schertz, Thanks a lot! Sounds great! I was unable to find some place where it was officially announced.