Microsoft Teams Room System with Logitech SmartDock / Surface

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Hi everyone,


This is my first post here after reading a while but not finding a solution.


can anyone explain the steps needed to get the following setup up and running:

- Logitech Group + SmartDock with Surface Pro 5 running Win10 Pro

- Office365 Teams Room Account has been set up by office365 admins


do i really need Win10 Enterprise? And how do I get it? 

How to install the Software Client? 

Do I need to have credentials for a Office365 Admin Account?




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You should be able to buy the Smart dock with a predeployed SRS. If you already have a SmartDock with a Surface without SRS installed you can create a USB stick boot media and deploy Windows with SRS software. Follow the guide here or contact a partner that can help you.


Yes, you need Win10 Enterprise. You download it from Microsoft Volume License Portal or buy via your license partner. 


Software Client, I guess you refer to Skype Room System software (now renamed to Microsoft Teams Rooms) and that is included in the deployment kit (URL above).


You need Office365 Admin Account to create an account for your device.


@Samuel_Orsenne I just read your old posting regarding Logitech Docking with Surface for Teams Room.

Were you able to build with it? I'm new on this MTR or SRS.  Why do you use Surface while you already have Logitech Smart Docking as Teams Room console?



Linus, trying to do the same here, but I cannot get an Enterprise license as we're not a Volume customer being a SME. Are you familiar with any workarounds? Thanks!
Sorry no, I don't have any solution there. Have you already bought a device and want to reinstall it? New devices should come preinstalled with windows and MTR.

Noticed this question now. The Logitech Smart Dock is just a docking station for a Surface. Logitech Smart Dock + Surface becomes a Skype Room System or Microsoft Teams Room device. Logitech Smart Dock is not sold anymore, there are better systems from Logitech and other partners.

Check them out here
Yes bought a refurb Logitech smartdock and was hoping to get it up and running with a Surface Pro 4 I have. But striking out on the Enterprise license.
Check with you license partner, if I remember right you have to buy minimum 5 Enterprise licenses. But that was a long time I had any knowledge of Windows licenses.

@gobybike , any resolution here? I am awaiting a call back from MSFT now with hopefully a resolution that will get me Small Business access. I already have an E3 license but apparently getting this special version of enterprise is difficult or maybe even impossible without a volume licensing agreement.

@Jay Vincent what I ended up doing was added a Windows 10 Enterprise E3 license to our M365 tenant which allowed me to load the needed Enterprise version of Windows onto our old surface to get this whole thing to work. Took forever to figure that one out, but I was able to reload with the correct license Window 10, then configured the various Rooms set up and Teams worked on the Surface in the SmartDock as it should. 

Any chance you would be willing to chat with me on the phone @gobybike

@Jay Vincent @gobybike the reason I ask is because I have done the things you suggest but I am not able to get the teams media console on the device.  Even a 5 minute chat would be helpful. Happy to do it at your convenience. 

@Jay Vincent I'm assuming you did all the steps here: Microsoft Teams virtual meeting rooms - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs and all subsequent steps. My only hold up was the Enterprise license. Once I was able to get that license, I could install on the device then follow the outlined steps.


I could chat, but it was 9 months ago when I tackled this whole thing so I'd need to walk back through all the steps. Not sure I can be much help. 

@gobybike no worries. I think we figured it out. Thank you for reaching back out.