Microsoft Teams Room MTR - you'll need a new app to open this skype-mrx

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Intel NUC with Logitech TAP

Error you'll need a new app to open this skype-mrx


The popup is blocking the MTR from signing in, its currently happening on 2 devices, will troubleshoot and update, unless someone has any hints/tips






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Hi @Goibs  Thanks for reporting might also want to do so at our Uservoice feedback forum.

I would go into the admin side and check that your Windows build and MTR app version are compliant as a first step. If it has taken a recent Windows update you may be able to roll it back depending on how long ago it was taken.

If your app is out of date with your windows version I would update to the latest build manually:

If you are still seeing issues you may need to completely restore the unit: