Microsoft Teams Room MTR - TAP Screen goes black and the TAP screen is then show on the TV

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Setup is a NUC - TAP Rally system with Cat5e KITS


Over the past two weeks we have numerous rooms will the following issue, you join the meeting and TAP Screen goes black and the TAP screen is then show on the TV.




You can fix this by unplugging the CAT5e plug and then screen comes back. I'm going to Format a machine to see if this fixes the issue as the advise from logitech didnt resolve this.


Thanks for contacting Logitech support, my name is Mihai and I will be assisting you with your support ticket.
In order to help narrow down the cause of the issue, I have a few first steps I would like us to try out along with some additional information I'd like to collect for this ticket.
I will forward the Sync log to our engineers for analysis, I just want to double check a few things in the meantime.
What is the full setup in the affected rooms? What are you connecting to the TAP? Do you also have NUCs or any sort of Tiny Room PC connected to the setup at all times? 

Has the number of rooms changed since sending this request our way? 
Since when did this start to happen? After an update, all of a sudden, did you notice what change might have brought on this behaviour? 

Have you already performed the Display Link and DSA updates on your machines? 
Update the Displaylink device drivers --  Download the driver from and Download DisplayLink USB Graphics Software for Windows and install but make sure the Tap is connected and functional as these manage the Tap display.
Install the intel driver and support assistant (Intel DSA) in the Windows Admin account run the Intel Device Driver Assistant to ensure that the NUC is running the most updated versions of all required drivers and BIOS.
Note: The driver/BIOS updates will require the system is rebooted several times so rerun the Intel Device Driver assistant several times to ensure they are all updated.
Link - 
If the TAP freezes and gets a black screen when coming out of idle mode, please also double check that you have enabled the energy settings as suggested by Intel: 
Change the Device Manager - Universal Serial Bus Controllers section - All USB Root Hubs - Right-click select Properties - Power Management Tab to uncheck "turn this device off to save power".
E: Open Windows Settings - Power and Sleep -
Power settings: set to High Performance, set all to Sleep Never
Please Access Power Options on the NUC
Enable High Performance
Change Plan setting
Change Advanced power settings
Select USB settings then disable USB Selective Suspend
Select PCI Express - Link State Power Management - set all to Off
Select Display - Turn off display after - set to never
Let me know if this resolves the situation you are experiencing.
I look forward to hearing from you.


This was also reported here.

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@Goibs , did you get any resolution, workaround or other fix from Logitech? We are experiencing a simliar issue...have upgraded all firmware, BIOS etc and changed settings per Intel recommendation, but still have this switched screen view.

So far we've reimaged 7 devices, 6 have been working fine again, but 1 still has the issue.
Just had a call with Logitech and they are aware of this issue and the black screen ingest issue. There will be a new TAP Firmware in the coming weeks which should resolve this issue.
Would be interested to see how they perform over a week or so. Our problem is the intermittent nature.
The frustrating thing for me with Logitech is they don't publish 'known issues' anywhere, and/or suggested workarounds (aside from restart, cable pull etc). I just waat more transparency rather than finger pointing between Logi-Intel-Microsoft. Intel have a dodgy Bios on there Tiger Canyon/Lake NUC's (0064)...Logi potential TAP issue...and Microsoft tell us it's a Logi problem

We had this same issue within our organization. We learned we must use a USB-C to HDMI adapter on the NUC. There's a known issue with the HDMI port on our NUC. We have done this, and it seemed to correct the problem. 


I hope this helps. @Goibs 

thanks @WinMacAndCheese we've been stable since updating the HDMI firmware on the nucs.


Just waiting for next update to break everything :grinning_face_with_sweat:

NUC only supports 1920x1080p at 100% resolution