Microsoft Teams Room and Zoom Direct Guest Access

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We have received our Logitech conference room systems which are a combination of a Tap IP device and either a Roommate or a Rally setup. We initially had these setup at Zoom Rooms which worked great but when we enabled Direct Guest Access for Teams, we could join a Teams meeting from the room but it could not detect the camera and microphone.

As we want to switch our primary service to Teams, we assigned a standard Teams Room license and set it up as a Teams Device. We then did the reverse and set it up with Zoom Direct Guest Access. When I’m a Teams Meeting, it had no issue with camera and microphone. But even though we could see and join a Zoom call, it had the reverse problem where Logitech camera and mics could not be found. 

in the Roommate settings, we can successfully test the camera and mic but it seems the web/chromium viewer for the direct guest meetings isn’t giving permissions to the devices. I’ve spent over a dozen hours just trying to figure this out, any and all help is very appreciated! 

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@ ADelGiorno Have you been able to find a fix for this as I'm having the exact same issue with a Logitech Rally Bar
Based on this article:

It doesn't appear that Direct Join is supported on the Roommate.