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So I am really confused with the Teams App Policies. If we block Apps then users can still see them and make a request to an app. But how does it get notified? Document says an IT Admin but not how or when? Also in my example we are using PIM so if we don't have active admins then who knows when someone requests a blocked app?


Can find very little documentation to support the 'Manage user requests to unblock apps' Anyone else seen this?  Tested and nothing in the Alert Log, Rules in Teams or even something in Power Automate for Teams actions.  So does anyone know who or if someone gets notified when a user requests to unblock an app?

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You can see the requests TAC under Teams Apps -> Manage Apps

Under requests by users column

You can see more info on this blog post
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The MS Teams feedback site has something you can upvote to request that blocked apps aren't shown to users in the app store -
I had seen that but thought it cant be the only way we know. So to confirm, the experience is:

User requests access to app from Teams
Admin unaware a user has requested this, occasionally has to check in the TAC
Finds an app request, doesn't know which user requested this but actions
User in the hope an Admin has noticed and actioned this checks again

This is really the way it has been designed? Ouch. :face_with_tears_of_joy: