Microsoft Teams Recoding missing Presenter Video

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Hello - When the presenter gets disconnected and connects again to the meeting, the organiser could not spotlight him. And when the presenter himself spotlights him, the team members could see him on full screen but the recording is missing his video and only the audio gets recorded.


Please assist on how this issue could be fixed.

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@Siva11Krsna Same thing just happened to me. I've recorded this same meeting series for two years with no issue. Today's recording did not capture my spotlighted video. However, other users' cameras recorded. Anybody at Microsoft have an explanation for this? 

@James Fussell - did you ever work this out? I have just recorded a Teams presentation and the spotlighted presenters could be seen in the live meeting however when I watch the downloaded recording we cannot see them and can only see the participants with their video on but not spotlighted presenters which is useless.

@Sam_B0007 Nope. All we have is the audio with no presenter video. This particular session was sign language instruction, making the recording fundamentally useless. 

So frustrating, if I had known I wouldn't of spotlighted our presenters. Definately a case to use Zoom in future :(
Still waiting if anybody at Microsoft has an explanation for this? Just happened to me during a recorded Teams meeting.

@Siva11Krsna Did you ever get a response to this one? Just had it happen in a meeting as well