Microsoft Teams - Pop out meeting window minimises when sharing screen

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I love that meetings pop out onto a separate window, however, when I share an application or one of my screens, the meeting window minimises. I understand this would be useful if I were working from a single screen, however i have 3 screens, one of which I dedicate to the meeting itself, so that I can still see all participants while presenting. However, when the meeting window closes I have to scrabble round to reopen it before I can continue. Some of my colleagues are able to pop out the meeting window without minimalizing. We have the same version (Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit)) and configuration. Could you please tell me what to do.

Thank you in advance
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I have the same problem. Does anyone have a solution? I have tried to reinstall the app and it didn't help.




Microsoft Teams version (64-bit). Last update 16.03.21.

Thank you

I have been looking for an answer for this issue but couldn't find any answer how to fix that or why is it happening. It would help me so much in a work. Can someone look into this issue please or answer how to fix that.

Thank you

Hello guys,
today it's a big day. I have solved the issue with pop out meeting window. 

Log off from teams should be enough. You find it in settings -> accounts -> Log off.

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Good luck.

This is driving me insane - any fix?
I am literally going insane with this - MS Teams is now more important than email in our work life. Why is this so hard to fix??
I have exactly this situation. It is incredible that I cannot turn off what I suppose is a "helpful" feature when you only have one monitor, but it just completely annoying (and a time waster) when you have multiple