Microsoft Teams Personal : Tasks app unreachable

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Hi All,


I've been unable to use the "tasks" app for au few days, I'm still getting the same error message :


"Désolé... Nous n'avons pas pu contacter cette application"


I've adressed the issue here, but still got no solution :


The issue is occuring :

- With the Desktop App (Windows 10 / Windows 11)

- With Teams on the web (chrome) ;


On my smartphone (android 10), the issue is occuring (wether i'm connected via wifi or 4G) :

- With Teams on the web (chrome) ;


The Teams android app is the only one working fine 


Thank you for your help

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Nobody experiencing the same issue ?
Sorry, it's not appearing in the Teams free app catalog. I've never used it there as it shouldn't be supported. Are you really missing the Microsoft published app called 'Tasks by Planner and Todo'? It doesn't seem likely. There's no support for Teams free so if it's not in the app catalog there's really not much you can do.