Microsoft Teams - Operator Connect Emergency calls (Spain)

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We are testing in LAB with Operator Connect the Emergency calls in SPAIN (number 112). The configuration in the Tenant for Emergency calls seems to be OK. If we test the Emergecy calls with DR it is working fine, the emergency address is showed correctly in Teams client and it is notified to the Notifiacion group. But if we test with a Operator Connet number seems to be a normal call and it is not notified to the Notification group...

Are supported the emergency call routing policy for Operator Connect? 

Is there any configuation dedicated for Emergency calls Operator Connect?


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David Lozano

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Hello David,

You would need to configure the specific E911 address to the users which is different in DR. Can you check if you can configure the E911 address for the Operator Connect account and test if that works and notification is sent to the group.

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Satish Upadhyaya