Microsoft Teams Notifications not showing on all logged in devices

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I REALLY want to transition to Teams with my wife I stead of using other chat apps but it's driving us crazy when we don't get notifications on our phones. 

For some reason if we are logged into Teams on Windows PCs and our Samsung Galaxy phones at the same time, we don't get notifications to all devices. If she sends me a message and I'm out somewhere but I'm logged into my Teams on my pc, the message never pops up on my phone. 

I've looked EVERYWHERE online, I've enabled notifications on all devices, I've reinstalled Teams on all devices, but still having the issue.

Please help as I want to incorporate Teams more into my daily life but I can't if I never get notifications!! 

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@BenDisco Does this help? Teams notifications do not display - Microsoft Community


If not, feel free to ask as it is a tech support site staffed by authorized Microsoft agents who will troubleshoot an issue until it's resolved.