Microsoft Teams Not Asking for Password

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I have the Microsoft Teams desktop app on my work station. This is a work station that on occasion is shared with other users. My problem is that when logging into Microsoft teams, it does not ask for my password. If you put my e-mail in it just logs straight in. This is problematic because I have access to files and folders that other users don't need access to. How can I reset Teams to ask for my password at log in?

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It works, but it seems to delete the whole TEAMS cache. So the next login takes a lot of time. And independently on how to set the "allow my organization to manage" checkbox, it register again the login on "Access Work and School", and you have to delete it again and again. Just impossible to use it in many home office scenarios.



Go to your system setting - Email & Accounts - Remove the account which is saved in your system. 



@ChristianBergstrom Do we have a way to force users to only use the online version? When we log in that way, the users are prompted with a big colorful button to "Use Teams App Instead" and it's almost impossible to get everyone to stop clicking this.

Solution for me -

Settings - Access Work or School - Click on your user profile and select "Disconnect" 

The solution to push the app in compatibility modus to Windows 8 worked for a week. Now I can try and test the other solutions. But this it is not a guarantee and that feels very bad.
@microsoft Will there be a better solution in a future update?

For Windows 2012R2 (RDS) I have found that the Teams credential information is stored in %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\IdentityCache. Steps that worked for our users with sign in issues:

  • Close Teams and Outlook completely (Exit through the systray icon)
  • Remove %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Teams (Teams cache)
  • Remove the subfolders under %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\IdentityCache (in our case there was only one folder named '1'). 
  • Restart Teams

For us this removed any cached Teams settings as well as any cached login information for Teams. After that Teams runs through the sign in dialog from the start.


If you just want to delete the stored credential, clearing the IdentityCache may be enough without clearing the Teams cache. I have not tried that.

Try at your own risk, of course. You may be deleting other stored credential information as well, so I recommend creating a backup of the profile first.

Ok, so I also logged into teams with another work account that is infrequently used and also ticked the box to allow all apps to use it. So every time I used an application on that server, it would offer the unused account as an option. CLicking it would take someone into the account without the password being required. As other users have said, not great for security purposes.
I finally got rid of it by going to windows settings => Accounts => Email & accounts =>clicking on the unwanted account and choosing the Disconnect button.
Next time I need to use the account for Windows Teams, I'll make sure not to use it for all Apps but only the one local one.

That does not solve the problem at all and was not remotely what the post was looking for.

Teams is severely lacking in basic features that for weird reasons were delibrately omitted.

1) refusal by the PG to show multiple profiles at the same time (Browsers are limited in files sharing options and screenshare)
2) Refusing to acknowledge that a basic feature is missing; and forcing others to justify why they need such a feature.
That is not a good solution. There are other apps that rely on this... just because teams is busted why should I dumb down windows core features? Outlook etc. work perfectly fine.. only teams is having an issue with this "Modern" authentication..
Thanks! Request the admin to mark only @guidovk's response as a solution.
Unfortunately other solutions just share docs that seemingly look related but have no solution.

Q: How do I turn off my parking lights
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This is how most of the highlighted responses look like.. they don't add any value at all..

Thanks again guidovk.. I will un-register myself from techcommunity now that I have solved this problem

will probably create a script to delete these folders every time the system starts (Yes. Teams is not set to auto start)