Microsoft Teams - New Members do not get already Scheduled Events in their Calendar in Teams App

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Scenario: When new members added to a Team, they are not getting the events added to their calendar.


1. Created a Team with existing members (when creating the Team there were 10 members, 1 owner)

2. Weekly and Daily Meeting Scheduled, when scheduling the meeting we use the Group/Team email address like

3. New members joined organisation, email created and users logged-in Teams App

3. 5(Five) New members added to the team (Groups) from O365 Admin Center 


2 out of 5 New members do not get the Daily Weekly events in their calendar. How to ensure each time when we add new members they get all scheduled events.  


Thanks in advance.






Thanks in advance.



SSMS (Admin)

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Hi @ssms_team ,


I read through your post and thought, that makes sense and would have expected it to kind of work the way you wanted it to by default and also utilising your workaround.


So I did find this on User Voice and have given it a vote myself but it hasn't gotten many I am afraid:


And in my little bit of testing I think you have been lucky, albeit logical to think that it would work consistently using the method you have.


As I noted that really to specify a non users address I could not do this within the Teams client but had to do it from with Outlook. Which is OK but a big indicator that anything you can work around an issue outside of Teams, may not play ball when it comes down to it.






@henryarphillips365 Thanks Henry. I added my vote to the User Voice. Either i ran out of luck or request throttling per user on the server side limited the updates.


Just in case it helps, based on a response to my question in this forum.


When we create a Team, there are two roles, Owners & Members. The logged in user to be able to use the Team group email address from within the Teams Calendar should be Member of the team too. Just being a owner of the team does not suffice. This worked like a charm for 5-6 teams. 


Calendar not updating for new members could be solved by adding a feature. New members should get a notification which should help them get/synchronize events which were scheduled (recurring) for the teams they have joined. This way it will be on-demand by the users and a complex background process will not be needed.