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I am new to Teams. I'm looking to find information on how you can have multiple meeting organizers. I would like to be able to create a meeting, but also have a co-worker have the capability of edit the meeting.

Is this possible?

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Hi @KatyTurner,

Coorganizer coming very soon, maybe even this month

Keep an eye out

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

I think you've answered my question already, but I'm asking just in case there is still any hope...can a meeting organizer give someone else the ability to choose who can/can't present and download rosters?What happens if the meeting organizer goes on vacation and we needed to do these functions? @Christopher Hoard 

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Hi @G_Mazon2020

A meeting organiser can set the meeting options to ensure that people are presenters in advance leveraging the presenter and attendee controls

However only the organiser can download the participant report. This option isn't available to other attendees in either the presenter or attendee role

You would need to ensure, if the organiser goes on leave, to set up a separate meeting in that instance

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

Hi @Christopher Hoard

Thanks for your post. What about creating breakout rooms? is there any way that someone besides the organizer can do this during a meeting? 


Thanks in advance!

@Christopher Hoard 


Has the issue of only allowing one Organiser been resolved? We have a central administrator organising meetings for many different people and it is not possible/feasible for them to log in with all their separate accounts.


Many thanks


There is a request for this to be added please vote at the link below as it is definitely needed. @KatyTurner




I voted


This is absolutely needed. often we have two or more presenters, Due to covid they are not in the same location. when one person is presenting the other is managing breakout rooms and screen share. the presenters also need to float in and out of the break out rooms to help facilitate discussion.

the derrr

@Christopher Hoard 


What if the organizer of the meeting is from a group mailbox. I have weekly meeting set up from our group mailbox.  I want to be able to capture the attendees from that meeting in Teams.  How is this possible. 




Did anyone ever respond to this? I am currently dealing with this issue. Thank you.

Yes this is in development and should be ready Sept 21 so they say @oreoluwao 

Thank you.



you can do that by organizing teams meeting by outlook calendar. You can invite one person (the other organizator), then goes to "meeting options" and exclude the invited person to the waiting room (you can select this option only with outlook calendar because the meeting is not included in a channel). 

Now due in February 2022.


From this page - - the functionality is not expected to deliver what we really need.


During a meeting, a co-organizer can:

  • Access and change meeting options.
  • Bypass the lobby.
  • Admit people from the lobby during a meeting.
  • Lock the meeting.
  • Present content.
  • Update another participant’s meeting role.
  • End the meeting.

They cannot:

  • Create and manage breakout rooms.
  • View and download attendance reports.
  • Edit the meeting invitation.
  • Remove or change the Organizer role.