Microsoft Teams- Multiple Meeting Organizers

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I am new to Teams. I'm looking to find information on how you can have multiple meeting organizers. I would like to be able to create a meeting, but also have a co-worker have the capability of edit the meeting.

Is this possible?

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Hi @KatyTurner,

Unfortunately not today natively in Teams: only one meeting organiser - however meeting delegation is planned so you may be able to amend it through that. In Outlook meeting delegation you can reschedule and edit the calendar/meeting

Would recommend voting on this uservoice so when it is available you will be notified


There is a link which states that this may be possible in Outlook


So you may be able to edit it that way: ultimately, it would be best to be able to edit it in Teams itself.

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris


I think you've answered my question already, but I'm asking just in case there is still any hope...can a meeting organizer give someone else the ability to choose who can/can't present and download rosters?What happens if the meeting organizer goes on vacation and we needed to do these functions? @Christopher Hoard 

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Hi @G_Mazon2020

A meeting organiser can set the meeting options to ensure that people are presenters in advance leveraging the presenter and attendee controls

However only the organiser can download the participant report. This option isn't available to other attendees in either the presenter or attendee role

You would need to ensure, if the organiser goes on leave, to set up a separate meeting in that instance

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris