Microsoft Teams mobile app not showing Open Shifts

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On a PC , I created some "Open Shifts" in Microsoft Teams 



Then on an Android mobile , when I open "Teams" and then "Shifts" and then "Open Shifts" , I do not see any of the above "Open Shift" entries.  

It displays as below



My Teams version is 


Can you please suggest what may be the issue ? 


Thank you in advance




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Uservoice is open for it here


Whilst uservoice still exists would vote it up until something new comes along in the future


Best, Chris

Did you ever get this problem sorted out as I have been having the same issue on my android phone for months now. I have checked that my teams app is up to date and cleared the cache and restarted several times but it still doesn't show open shifts. It does show them on my laptop tho so I know they are there. This is really frustrating. Please help in simple English terms as I'm not very technical minded.