Microsoft Teams meetings, and location of the chats

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I thought to test the eDiscovery for Microsoft Teams and one thing to figure out is the meeting chat. Where they are stored? One to One chats and Team chats are in your mailbox. But when having a meeting, or basic chat with multiple persons, there is no Group neither Group's mailbox behind.


And is it really possible to use eDiscovery for individual meeting itself?

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@Petri X 

In Microsoft Teams, the chats that occur during meetings are stored in different locations depending on the type of meeting and the chat participants.

1. Channel Meetings: If you have a meeting within a Teams channel, the meeting chat is stored within the corresponding channel's conversation thread. It becomes part of the channel's conversation history and can be accessed by navigating to the channel and scrolling through the conversation thread.

2. Private Meetings: For private meetings, the meeting chat is stored as a separate thread within the individual Outlook calendar event associated with the meeting. To access the chat, you can open the calendar event, click on the "Meeting Chat" button or "Chat" tab, and view the conversation within the event.

Regarding eDiscovery for meeting chats, it is possible to use eDiscovery tools to search and retrieve meeting chat data. However, the exact process and capabilities can depend on your organization's eDiscovery setup and the tools you are using. Typically, eDiscovery tools can help search and export meeting chat data along with other Teams chat data, allowing you to comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

To utilize eDiscovery for individual meetings, you need to ensure that your eDiscovery tools are set up to capture and index Teams chat data, including meeting chats. Consult your organization's IT department or compliance team for guidance on using eDiscovery tools specific to your environment.

It's worth noting that the availability and functionality of eDiscovery features can vary based on your Office 365 or Microsoft 365 subscription plan. Therefore, it's recommended to review the documentation and guidelines provided by Microsoft for a comprehensive understanding of the eDiscovery capabilities available in your specific environment.


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Big thanks @Deleted for your reply. But may I ask clarify to for this:

"Private Meetings: For private meetings, the meeting chat is stored as a separate thread within the individual Outlook calendar event associated with the meeting."


But are you aware into where exactly the chats are store on that case? Are you expecting that those are stored into organizer's mailbox. When looking for the diagram on this picture: Teams dependent services architecture it seems to show that something is stored into user's mailboxes but would not clarify that in any deeper level. It is described in same was for the meetings as well.


Need to spend some time on the eDiscovery as interesting to see how the group chat should be found from there.