Microsoft Teams meeting started, but unable to join

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My team has been having issues with our Microsoft teams. A team member will start a meeting, the general page will show a tab saying that it has started, but the tab/camera icon will be greyed out like it has already happened. It won't be purple where you can just enter without being requested/called upon. Is there a way to fix this?

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@kellymacfarland Hi, not sure what's happening here. Need to know if you experience the same behavior in Teams online and in the desktop app? Only for you or rest of the Team as well?

@ChristianBergstrom It's the entire team. Multiple team members has tried starting meetings and multiple team members have had difficulty access the already started meetings. And we've solely been working from the desktop apps, not Teams online.

@kellymacfarland Hi! In that case you should open a support ticket with Microsoft. If you're not an admin yourself reach out to the one responsible for assistance creating a "Service request" from within the admin portal.