Microsoft Teams Meeting Policy Not Taking Affect

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Hi Microsoft Teams, 


I created a new custom meeting policy in the Teams admin center, assigned the policy to some users, but nothing has changed. 

Is there anything missing?


Thank you in advance!

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Hi @Icsab


Can you check on the Office 365 Portal for your account and see if you have any advisory for the delay in the provision on the Health Section of Office 365 Portal.


Due to increase in demand of the Microsoft Teams Services the provisioning of the policies are getting delayed. It is taking longer than usual time for the policies to take effect. 


How long ago have you applied the policies? It should definitely take affect if the policies are correctly granted.


With Regards,

Satish U  

Hi @Satish2805 !


I did everything again on Monday afternoon!

1.made a new policy (lobby.policy.png) according to the documentation.

1.1.turn off/false the "Allow dial-in users to bypass the lobby"

1.2. set "Everyone in your organization" in "Automatically admit people"

2. assigned this "lobby policy" to a test user(Iván Csenge) (lobby_policy2.png)


 (waited more than 24 hours)


3. This user made(this morning) a scheduled meeting and everybody can by-pass the lobby.

3.1. checked the "meeting options" (lobby_policy3.png)



-There is no message in the advisory on the O365 portal

-For security reason we do not allow the external and guest users. BUT we would like to use this lobby function.


What can I do? 





I’m not sure what you want to accomplish! Internal users will always bypass lobby

Hi @adam deltinger ,



Thank you for your prompt answer.


Bad news!

Can I accomplish a "lobby-like" meeting with only internal users?

For example, a meeting where the organizer would like to talk with the members, one after another, one by one.

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No not really! You have to set up individual meetings then

@adam deltinger 




Thanks for the quick reply!


But I dont understand it.

As I wrote we do not allow the external and guest users. (external.png and guests.png)

I schedule a meet up on teams channel, copy link of "Join Microsoft Teams Meeting", send the link to a user who is not internal user BUT he can join the meeting like a guest(join.png) and as you can see there is a user in the lobby.(lobby.png)


Can guest users join to the scedule meet up with the link?


Workaround solution:
After updating Teams policy settings and If you’re getting the settings in the web client but not in the desktop client then you can either wait for 24 hours for the cache to refresh itself (may be done sooner) or clear the Teams client cache.

You can do this by closing Teams app then browsing in Windows Explorer to %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams and deleting the Application Cache and Cache folder and logging back into Teams ( or deleting the Teams folder on %appdata%\Microsoft\)