Microsoft Teams meeting options - only available after meeting is created

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Hi all,


Not sure if this the right forum for this, or if I've just got something set wrong, but I just want to clarify if this is correct.


When creating a meeting in teams, you add all the scheduling details, but at that point, you cannot change meeting options.


Once you save the meeting (and go back to the calendar), you can go back in at that point and then select Meeting Options - is that correct that it should only show up at that point?


I only ask as we are a training company (that records our sessions) and we are using teams a lot due to the lockdowns, thus creating a large number of meetings. With the current process, it's not as efficient as I believe it could be, and could lead to admin staff missing updating the meeting options once the meeting is created.

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Hello, yes that's the way it (currently) works. When the scheduling is completed (invitees added) the meeting options will appear and then you can access it either from the scheduled occurrence or when joining the meeting from the "More actions". This link shows more options

If you're using Outlook you can enter the meeting options directly though from the menu bar.
Cheers Christian.

Good pick up on creating via Outlook. Appreciate it :)