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I'm trying to understand why some meeting attendees can view the chat history of meeting even if they arrive late. However, other late arrivals are not able to see the chat history of that meeting from before the time they joined. Does it have something to do with whether they are optional or required for the meeting? 


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@zhanna1231015I'm also interested in this issue - I'm a Teams admin and one of my users reported something like this and I'm trying to diagnose the problem and explain what happened.  I don't have a lot of information from the user to properly diagnose, hopefully someone will weigh in and enlighten soon. 

+1 for me, just discovered this today.

Same issue here. Hope someone can shed some light on how to fix this.
I'm interested to hear as well.

Hello @marsound@zhanna1231015@misko1974@David Phillips , @MoiraM 


The first question I'd ask is whether all attendees in the meeting are within your organization or are they guests? Because guest access is limited and they are not able to see the chat window.  Here is a past discussion from this community that covers this topic - hope it helps:

Meeting - Guest User chat - Microsoft Tech Community



They were mostly outside the organization.  We abandoned Teams as a platform for outside engagement and went to Zoom.  We still use Teams for internal engagement.