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Hi All, 


I know you can access the attendance information for a meeting as a organiser of a team but as a admin is it possible to access all meeting information for attendance. 


In a school environment, this would be a useful feature being able to access this information in a centralised location rather than just getting the teachers (organisers) of a meeting to manually download the attendance information for the meeting themselves. 


Can this be done? And is it also possible to get previous meeting attendance information from the past say last 30 days? 


Please help!

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Hi @ABill1 


Currently the Feature enabled is to download Microsoft Teams Meeting during the meeting. This is a partial rollout feature as an interim solution. 


The Feature which you are looking for will be rolled out soon and the engineering team is working on the feature release for the same.


User Voice for Admin to download the Past Meeting Reports


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How can you leave a team when you get the message: "Someone has already set up Teams for your organisation...." Teams appears to just freeze.
Any update on this? Can the admin access MS Teams meeting Attendance reports from the Admin Center?
So when will ADMINISTRATORS get the ability to download attendance reports for ALL meetings/chats in a school environment. This has not been answered in the links as they refer to each individual meeting. We need to be able to review attendance reports for role marking and tracking of student attendances during a lockdown.
Nothing I've heard of actually. You can always use TAC as an admin, or even Graph to fetch meetings details etc. but nothing out of the box so it will take several additional configuration steps. Anyway, shouldn't that be the responsibility for the teachers of each class? I mean, if you're not in lockdown surely you're not having admins running around checking presence in each class. My suggestion is to simply assign a teams meeting policy to all your teachers that has the engagement report setting enabled so that each teacher can review (or download) the attendance report for all of their meetings.

@ChristianJBergstrom"You can always use TAC as an admin, or even Graph to fetch meetings details etc."

Haw can we do that? It would be great if you give us a more detailed explanation.

All depends on what you want to do and what info you'd like to see. I'm not good at Graph really but here's all for online meetings

As for Teams admin center and meetings there's plenty info at the MS Docs about those reports
This is what solved my problem : > Users > Manage Users > input the meeting organizer's UPN in the "Search for a user" field > Press the "Meetings & Calls" button > Scroll down to "Past meetings" section and choose the required meeting > Click on the Excel icon right to the "Search" field.
Teachers aren’t Teams administrators so we have a very user friendly tool with MAF ICIMS to report on Teams attendees and also how they attended (voice, video, file sharing etc), devices they used, quality information and much more.

We offer educational discounts.

Feel free to request a free 30 day trial.

Good to know is that reports can be scheduled so no one has to log into solutions if they don’t want to. Every teacher can get an automated report end of the day ore any other moment required via the MAF ICIMS powerful report generator.

In MAF ICIMS there are also meeting dashboards and maps allowing you to visualize in graphs the meeting details.

More on MAF ICIMS:

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Thank you! This worked for me.

is there any way to get all previous meeting as an report. @badsector