Microsoft Teams Macbook Sorry We've run into an issue Problem

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This is a problem faced by me and many others. I have just found out the solution(which worked for me) So I am planning to share it here.
1 - Delete your Teams application. Then Open finder. In while pressing the 'Go' option on the top of the screen,  press Option as well. This shows you a hidden folder named 'Library'. Go onto 'Library'.

2 - In the 'Application Support', you will find a folder named 'Teams' And 'Microsoft'. Delete the Teams folder and the Microsoft Folder, delete the teams folder there as well. (Delete Entire Folder).


3 - Go onto Office 365 and login into that. Then go the teams online website and then press the three dots on the top right of your screen beside your profile pic. There you would find a Download for Teams option. Downlaod that. After running the installer, open microsoft Teams. and then (hopefully) you would see the option to sign in from your proper teams Account.

4 - If this works, YOU ARE GOOD TO GO! Try upvoting this so that the one with prolems can find it!


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iissue not resolved even after I delete MS Team more three-time and delete all Microsoft Apps, still same issue of " We're sorry—we've run into an issue" 


@halsuwaidi I had same thing with it failing even despite deleting those temp files - issue was my personal account was not properly set up so I completed setup on MS teams web-portal rather than desktop app.  Then went back into app, deleted the temporary files, and it worked fine.

It worked! Thank you, you saved my life after months of searching!

@Tejfeb this worked great. I had spent days trying to get out of this horrible loop. Thanks for the great tip.

It's crazy but it works.
The only thing is the structure now looks like this
Library - Microsoft - Teams
I deleted Microsoft folder.

Amazing !@Tejfeb  Worked for me.  Totally driving me crazy for the last couple of days.  Thank you for the fix