Microsoft Teams Lobby - Are There Limits?

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My company had an issue today where it appeared that we went over some documented limit on the number of people who can be waiting in the lobby to be admitted to a Teams meeting.  We can't find any documentation from Microsoft on this.  Has anybody else had this experience or know if there is a maximum?


Thanks in advance!

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@Brad House Nothing specific I've seen, I assume it would be the same as in a meeting (300), hard to verify though.


How many did you get to and what happened?

@Steven Collier We started to have issues when we got to 100 users in the lobby.   Nobody else was able to get in until the number started to go down.

@Brad House   We heard back from Microsoft on this.  Seems to be a very strange design, but I'm sure there is some meeting room science behind it. 


Currently the maximum number of joiners who can wait in the lobby is up to 1/3 of the remaining space in the meeting. Users can get "meeting is full" error message much earlier than users expect.  (e.g. meeting size is 250 and 190 people are already in the meeting - in this case, up to 20 people can wait in the lobby. 21st joiner gets "meeting is full" error message and cannot enter the lobby.)


I personally find the error message the users get.....“A lot of people are trying to join this meeting right now.  Please contact the organizer.” pretty bad, but what do I know.  At least I have an answer that is hard to manage around.  :)  A bit surprising that this is not listed in the Limits and Specifications for Microsoft Teams document.

@Brad House 


Thanks for sharing the answer, certainly nothing I've seen documented before. 


I guess if you are having a meeting with over 200 attendees there's not much value in using a lobby.

@Brad House I agree about omissions in the documentation. Here's another related limit (no alert of a person in the lobby) from @Karisa19 that I would like to see be added to the documentation. Thank you, Microsoft, for keeping everyone informed and aware.

@Noah Sparks @Brad House Thank you everyone for this info. The thing about this is it's only 2 people attending the meeting. The pt or client and the Provider. So there shouldn't be an issue and I have never heard our pt's or clients say they have got an error message. Most of the time they are calling because they have been waiting and no one has let them in. When we check with the Provider they say it doesn't state anyone is in the lobby. 

It makes it difficult on both ends. Pt or client being kicked out of the lobby without notification and the Provider never knowing their pt or client is in the lobby.