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In working environment, it's been crucial to have details about the all existing users at Channel (Room) and statuses; for example; using more channels for different Teams; each channel locked for only specific users, but what's needed - to have complete list of users at the channel somewhere visible all the time, with status per user: Online; Offline, Away, Busy or any other status.

I tried to reach that setting, how to enable that, add, make it visible, did not find it (yet).

Question: Is that possible in Teams?

Thank you.

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@Aldowski Press the i icon at the top right of a channel to open the Channel Information Pane, this will show you the members of the channel and their current status. If there are too many to fit it will show the most recently contributed and provide a link to the full list.

@Steven CollierThanks for reply, Steven.

Yes, the option for seeing partial list of people in the room is working and it's expandable to get complete list; anyway, in working environment, would be helpful to have all members of the channel listed all the time in those "locked rooms"; private channels; with simple slider if all members list cannot fit to the height of the right side of the window. Example: if the number of members is 50; for sure the right side list will show only members with latest contributions to the chat; would be great if there will be some settings where it will be changed to all members for the private channel, "locked room".

Is it possible to manage that somehow?

@Aldowski There aren't any settings you can use to configure ho the Info Pane displays this information.

Okay; maybe there were great expectations; thanks, Steven.
Just want to ask if there is anything like Feature request or Feature suggestions page (for MS Teams), where users may put some notes, suggestions, as some of colleagues and myself may provide some suggestions with detailed explanations for possible improvements and new features. Anything there? Thanks.

Hello, I'm Haden.

There was a crucial need for details about all users at a Channel (Room) and their statuses in working environments; for instance, a team can be using different channels; each channel can be locked for only specific users, but what was crucial was to be able to see the whole list of channels and users at that channel at all times, with the status of each user: Online; Offline; Away, Busy or in any other state.

In trying to reach that setting, I was unable to figure out how to enable it, add it, make it visible, but I did not find it (yet).

I have a question: is that possible in Teams?

Thank you very much.