Microsoft Teams Issues on Chromebook

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Is Microsoft Team compatible with Samsung Chromebook? I am trying to install but no luck.

I logged into PlayStore - search for MS Teams - as soon as i click install it says device not found whereas i am already logged into Chromebook browser.... any idea what could be the issue? 

The device is Samsung Chromebook 2.1" PIT-D3A-E4Q-A4O

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Hi Ms Teams Community,

anyone who succeeded in installing MS teams on chromebook? kindly advise the steps... the one what i found on internet is not helpful as for me it keep on asking there is no device found as soon as i click Install button.

There's currently an issue with Chromebooks using the Teams app that is on the play store. I believe it's bugged as my organisation sends out CHromebooks to all users and every single one cannot use Teams on Chromebook. It's definitely the app that's at fault. I've reported it to Microsoft directly but so far they haven't done anything to resolve the issue