Microsoft Teams: issue with being a member

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I'm having an issue with Microsoft Teams. My professor added me as a team member but Microsoft teams is saying I'm not a team member. My professor said she added me as a team member but it keeps saying I'm not a member. How do I fix this?



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Hi Jenny.  How much time has it been since your professor added you as a member please?

@PeterRising She added me a month ago. I am able to join the video calls, but can't access the chat or the 'teams space.'



What device are you using please?   Are you trying the Teams App, or via the browser?


I am using the teams app on my macbook air. 



Do you still have the problem if you try the same from via browser on your Mac?

Yes, I still have the same problem whether I use the app or a browser. 


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OK, so definitely an account / access problem as opposed to a device issue.  Is your Professor the IT Administrator.  Can you ask her to share some more information on how she has added you to the Team?  Could she possibly share some screenshots of the steps she took to add you?  If not, then I would suggest that you ask your Professor to open a support ticket directly with Microsoft so they can troubleshoot this further for you.


I will get in contact with my professor and relay this information. Thank you very much for your help. 


It might help if the teacher removes you from the team and then adds you again. And if that doesn't help then you could also ask your IT to add you as a team member from the Teams Admin Center.