Microsoft teams invite problem with gmail

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I am a developer at an university. Our email services are provided from Gsuite education and we have a subscription of Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus. Recently we started testing Ms Teams and two things happened.
firstly not all of our accounts had calendar tabs enabled or working. Some accounts had calendar option but it didn't load, some didn't have it at all and others had it working and if they had set up a meeting some of us were getting invites in our Gmail mailbox.
Then we did some tweaking(mainly group permission settings) in the Microsoft admin panel and everyone had functioning calendar but the invites then started to go to our outlook mailbox.
How do we troubleshoot this?
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To much hustle for end-users.
Blind-copy all incoming events to the GMail inbox is sufficient, as all these mail-invites populate both calendars simultaneously.

@FTravinsky @Robertlee 
This worked for us. It was not difficult. I was nervous about using Power Shell for the first time to create the rules, but it went off fairly easily.  I used "" for my alias. 

@FTravinsky so will this also gives the Teams meeting invitation option inside the Outlook where my Gsuite email is set up

@Darshana_Punekar , Yeap.
You will receive e-mails with meeting invitations in Outlook and they immideately show up in Outlook Calendar as proposed/tentative event.

will you please help me with more clear and crisp step for this set up .
Because i dint understnad the blind copy mail procedure

@FTravinsky curious to find out more on steps 2 and 3. Would like to document this for other users as a step-by-step process on how its working. Are you able to share some screenshots I can test and expand on for the community please?

@LanceH , as all the changes are made globally, server-side, there's no need for end-user manuals.
Nevertheless, here's how-to for newbie Admins:

1., Domains - Add a domain alias, like



2., Open up Exchange Online PowerShell and fire a script from the previous post:



@FTravinsky  Thanks for a fun solution ;) 

What about different top domains, how would you go about then with the script?


And also receiving responses to Teams invitations to see if the participants have accepted or declined, something that is not solvable I presume? Google Workplace is the receiver of the organizer emails being sent by Teams.


Thanks for the solution, but i have an additional problem.


The powerShell scripts fail adding more than 100 rules. It complains about the maximum number of recipients can go beyond 100.


Is there anywhere I could increase that limit. I've been looking but no luck.



Sorry, found solution.
In the script you have to add option -StopRuleProcessing so the processing stops after matching one email.
Hi Could you please advise were to apply this solution to test it. Thanks in advance
Please advise if I want to test it one user with that PowerShell script, how could I do it? please share steps
Hi @bddoss22, @FTravinsky

Could you please share to me, testing with one user, using the same power shell script. Thanks in advance