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The option to 'Invite People' is missing at the bottom left corner of the Teams App on my laptop (above the option 'Join or Create a Team').  When I first downloaded the APP 'Invite People' was available and I was able to add one person.  But that option is no longer available.  


From a Team that I've created if I try to add a member it only recognize that one person that I was able to add before.  I don't get an option to invite someone by email.  


Is there a way to add the feature back?  I've uninstalled and reinstalled Teams, still having the same problem.  


Is there a way to import contacts into Teams or another option to add people that are not part of the organization yet?  


Thank you!


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So I guess you are using the Teams free edition. Can you test and see if you see that option in the Teams web app?


You can also add a user direct to a Team:


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@Linus Cansby 


I've signed up for the one-month free trial before I start paying ($12.50 a month).  Attached are the options I get when I try to add from the Web or Desktop APP.  I do see the option to add a member but when I type in a name/email it says it can't find it because it doesn't exist in the organization (which is true because I haven't been able to add them). 

I want to add people, new people, to the organization.  At the bottom left corner, above the 'Join or Create A Team', there was an option to 'Invite People', I no longer see that option.  When that option was available I was able to add a person.  How do I get that option back?  Or is there another way to add 'new people'?  Import them from a google account or Outlook account?  


Thank you!


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How about if you enter the full E-mail?

Read about adding guests here:


You might have to add guest access in admin portal first: