Microsoft Teams interupting calls & cutting off mid conversation

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Hi Guys & Girls, 


My work colleague and I use Microsoft teams daily 30-40 times a day in calls and long meetings between each other.


The phonecall drops out 95% of the time on one end or the other. Mid conversation without any warning or sign of 'Bad network quality'. We both have badwidth, it happens both from the iOS App when I answer on the PC and it happens between android app and ios app when in call, or any possibly combination of calling from different platforms.


Were pulling our hair out and I cannot find a resolution yet, Im going to purchase a different voip service but first I thought I would ask you guys here. 


Anyone have any KIND of idea or resolution to this? Its impacting our work greatly. 


Thank you and have a great day



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First off, is it just between the two of you or you with other as well?? Where are you located? At the same office / home etc?

Do other have the same issue! You will have to try isolate the issue to user/location and network as well. Are you on Wi-Fi on phones? Tried mobile data network? to more easily did it!
Also an admin have to check call analytics logs as they can see further information.
Hello there Bogdan :)

If you see the error message "Bad network quality" it's indeed because your network is not 100% supporting the quality of the calls/meetings - and that is why the call drops. Have you tried to connect to another network and test again? This only happens on iOS and Android or PC also?

@adam deltinger Hi mate 


Thanks for your input.


its happening both in my office and on my phone.  Iam on WIRED connection @ the pc or wifi on my phone. I have 1000/1000 here with no jitter so I can rule that out. 


I will poke the logs today and see what it says. Thanks mate 

Hi Mate,

Im on a wired connection and its happening on windows and ios and android, no matter what the combo is. Its dropping out almost always. I have tried to connect again to another network and no luck
So you have tried in other network but still issue continues that's right? Can I ask you where are you based? EMEA?

To be honest I think in this particular situation the LOGS will help a lot. If you could clean your MS Teams cache and then repro the issue again, extracting the MS Teams logs (at least for now, in the future maybe Wireshark and Fiddler may be needed too) I can try to take a look. Along with the MS Teams logs, an exact time stamp of the issue would be great!

@pedro_salvador_gomes Hi Mate


Thanks for your reply


Iam currently based in Romania and my colleague is based in Aussie


We have not had any issues for 2-3 years up until say june. 


I have some logs for you 


THank you for your help. youre helping us out alot here 



To be clear, Ill get some logs for you!
I will wait for the logs then !