Microsoft Teams: have a big issue to share my screen via satellite

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When I try to share my screen via satellite there is a big delay. My video could be seen in 20-30 seconds! There is no problems with voice transmission.

In the same time, if I use Zoom or Skyp they works as expected. That is, it's not a problem of my computer.

What can I do to improve it?

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You didn't seem to mention what satellite service it is. If it isn't SpaceX, then what you are seeing is expected. Classic Satellite service is slow and delayed. I'm surprised that you could even join the meetings.

@Ed Woodrickthanks for your reply. I don't understand why do you supprised? Yes, I'm able to join the meeting, my video is sent, I see all people and I see everything is shared by other people. The only problem is when I try to share my screen. The delay of video could be from10 to 30 (!!!) seconds.

The satellite's delay is not a problem to make connection. It doesn't matter who is provider.

And, again, when I use Skype or Zoom I don't have any issue to share my screen. Nothing bad is happened.

That's why I'm sure that problem is in Microsoft Teams itself. And I'd like to know what shall I do to solve it. Or Microsoft can do something? This is a main idea of this topic.