Microsoft Teams groups - Seen message or not.

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Hello Team,


In Microsoft Teams, on the individual chat windows, if a person view the message the sender can able to view a Seen symbol in the right corner of the individual chat. shown screen for reference,




Similarly whether the same option is available in Microsoft Team groups windows.. Whether the person has read that message or not. 

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Hi @Hemeraj

Read receipts are available for private chat and private group chat but not channel messages. at the current time There is nothing on the M365 roadmap currently. However, there are several uservoices including this one

Would recommend to vote in order to push it up the agenda. The several uservoices posit that many people would like to see this as an add

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard I wonder if you know the answer to this one: Sometimes the "Seen" icon does not appear, even though the other person has viewed the message and responded from their computer or phone. For example, in my 1:1 chat with a coworker, some of my messages from 3/17/20 show up as "Seen" whereas the most recent ones from 3/19/20, which she responded to, just show a "Sent" checkmark. 

Did they turn read receipts off? That could explain it

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard Nope. One user did a screenshare with me and I saw that her settings were already configured to have the Read Receipts turned on. I have also seen this intermittently stop working for other users who were always showing the eyeball icon for Seen, and suddenly newer messages that they have responded to are not showing up as Seen... so it is a bit inconsistent.


ALSO, I would like to see the date and time stamp of when each user read a message... not just Seen or not.


There is a uservoice open for time stamp here

However, not picked up and doesn't have many votes. Knowing peoples views over read receipts and presence I don't think it will ramp up quickly. It would be a polarising feature and if Microsoft ever do pick it up the most it would be an option like read receipts. There is a big movement out there against things like this - within Microsoft too, that these type of features infringe on privacy and encourage tracking behaviour and unrealistic expectations of communication. However, as with all uservoices I would vote on it to push it up the agenda and encourage others to do so. Maybe it'll get there one day

Best, Chris
Hello team, read receipt is not appearing if the group chat is having more than 20 members.
Any idea how to set it if it's more than 20 members?