Microsoft Teams Group Chat no longer working

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A long running Group Chat that has 55+ teams members that has been added to (has members that have left the company in months past), decided to stop allowing members to send messages and add/remove additional members today, or do anything with the Group Chat window.


All other Group Chats, even with some members that no longer work with the company still work, just seems to be one.  This stopped working for all members in the group chat, PC/Mobile clients doesn't matter which.


Is there a time table for Group Chats?  Something an Admin did yesterday Jan. 3, 2022? There's no settings available to see who the 'owner' of the Group Chat is, as it's a Group Chat that was started by one member back when our company switched to Microsoft Teams from Skype.

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No time limits nor admin settings I can think of. Are you getting the good old "not a member of the chat" message, and if so was the chat ever used for meetings?

@Vasil MichevThe Group chat was never used for video meetings (no Join button).  Just started by adding 2-3 people which grew to 55.  All of a sudden today (after being around for over a year) the group chat would not accept new posts.  The round circle with no check mark with it saying 'sending' then 'failed to send'.  Groupies couldn't remove people, change name, or add any files.  Just stopped working.  Other Group Chats were unaffected as far as we could tell.  Only alternative, start a new Group chat and re-add.

Best open a support case. Or go with the new chat.
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The original chit chat (call it the water cooler chat group) started working again today for all users. Not sure why but it's back to operational again.