Microsoft Teams Graph API


Our customer is developing a native mobile applications for Android (Java based) and iOs (Swift Based). From their native applications, they are looking for the capabilities to read and post messages to Microsoft teams.


Right now, they are securing their native applications using ADAL and AAD 1.0 end points. I have few questions as I have looked at Microsoft Graph API’s for Teams here.


  1. The current API’s is in beta and by when it will be in GA?  If not soon, can customer use the API’s in production environment and will Microsoft Premier support the same?
  2. I am assuming the API’s will work seamlessly by passing the AAD 1.0 bearer token to the graph API endpoint? It is explained here that AAD 1.0 is supported, just wanted to confirm that it’s not different for Microsoft Teams Graph API.
  3. I have noticed that we have an API method to create a chat thread, but not able to see an option where we can reply to that thread from API, is it going to be available soon?
    1. It seems this feature is under review as mentioned here, any timelines on if it will be available in recent future.
  4. Also, what are options of launching Team’s app from their native app and passing context. Do we have documentation around the scenario’s where we should take an approach to launch teams application from LOB custom app?


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