Microsoft Teams Giphy is not working/loading in Application or web?

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Anyone else expierencing this? Just a blank prompt with a loading circle displays.

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I dare you to raise a Sev-A :)

We are seeing the same issue today.

Same issue here company wide.

Likewise here, EDU customer.

Same here as well. Any news?

my company is as well - it's made for a much less fun filled Monday.

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Current status: We're looking into recent update that may be causing an issue with the Giphy feature.

That scope paragraph is funny. I've reported it, and I'm a customer. Maybe stop pasting in template stuff to incident statuses... :)

My team only communicates in memes and gifs so we are having a massive breakdown in communication. 

This is a known issue; is now resolved was on Giphy's end. 


A recent Giphy Content Delivery Network update resulted in a certificate problem, causing the impact.

Nope.  It is NOT resolved.

Resolved for us. If you're still having issues, I'd try signing out of Teams completely and back in again. Think of sign out as a reboot for Teams.

I tried that, still not working.

This has been resolved for all of our users. Didn't have to do anything.

Hi Rebecca, turns out the problem is with my company, they recenlty migrated us to Zscaler. On the web app version of Teams everything works fine, but for the desktop app the Giphy support is not working. They are telling me that they need the address to where the desktop app points to Giphy in order to include it on the white list. Can you help me with that??

Thanks David! this is exactly what I was looking for. I hope they fix the problem soon, I really miss the gifs.

Does anyone know if they have fixed this problem? It was working for our users, and now it is spinning wheels & not loading. 

Our giphy button also keeps disappearing on all clients (within Office 365 browser window, standalong Windows and Mac clients, and iOS/Android apps). This functionality really helps give a lighthearted personality to office chat streams, so we're hoping this is fixed.