Microsoft Teams Free Personal zu Teams Free Business umwandeln

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Hallo zusammen, 


In unserem kleinen Verein möchten wir gerne Teams nutzen. Leider habe ich mich aus Versehen für einen Personal Account registriert, wodurch es mir jetzt nicht möglich ist, eine Organisation zu erstellen.

Ich habe schon sämtliche Hilfe-Seiten durchsucht und alle dort genannten Schritte durchgeführt. Leider lande ich am Ende immer wieder in meinem Personal Account und schaffe es nicht, diesen zu einem Organisations-Account umzustellen.

Laut der ganzen Hilfe-Seiten sollte dies problemlos möglich sein. Nur bei mir scheint es nicht zu funktionieren. Ich hoffe, es kann mir jemand mit diesem Problem helfen.


Liebe Grüße, Max

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Hello Christian,

Thank you for your reply. I tried the steps from this page about 50 time and it is not working.
After i choose "For Work" on step 3, Microsoft ask me for my mail and password and after inserting the information, i get logged in to my personal account.
That means, step 5 where i can insert the company name is missing every time.
I am absolutely helpless and don´t know what to do now.

Greetings, Max
Is this happening even though you're using InPrivate mode / Incognito browser sessions?
Yes. I tried in Google Chrome in normal and private mode and also in Apple Safari normal and private mode. Everytime i get the same result as mentioned above.
Perhaps the easiest approach is to create a new account associated with the Teams free org. you're trying to create.
I have already created 3 new accounts. Everytime i don´t get the window to insert the company name.

@MaxZendis Sorry, but you're doing something wrong :)


Try this direct link Create a Teams free org. 

@ChristianJBergstrom It is not working. Let me show you:


First i get this Screen:


Screen 1Screen 1


Then i get this one:


Screen 2Screen 2


And than i get the Login page. After i entered my data i get logged in to my personal account.


Screen 3Screen 3

@MaxZendis Just tried it and it works for me. Created a new account and when signing into Teams after the creation I get the prompt to name my Teams free org.


Any difference if using the link here (scroll down to the comparison table and select Teams free).


Other than that I can't help any further.

@ChristianJBergstrom When i am doing this steps and create a new account, i get this screen after login:

No option to enter the Organisation Name.




Hi @MaxZendis  You may need to reach out to for personalized tech support, where authorized Microsoft agents are available to troubleshoot issues until they are resolved.  Or find a local Teams expert who can work with you one on one.


Thanks, @ChristianJBergstrom for doing what you can to assist.

@Therese_Solimeno Not sure what's going on here. My experience from Teams free having used that for a long time isn't consistent with what I'm seeing here. Would you mind checking with Sam if there's a new way of using the free version and perhaps even a change of design? Thanks!

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Hi @MaxZendis - Unfortunately this is no longer possible. This document does look like it needs to be changed so this is the problem that's ongoing. We're moving away from the tenant-based route for Teams Free and moving towards a consumer/MSA based model. Please see the following for how we're moving forward; Small Business for Teams for Free (  



Sam Cosby, Teams Product Manager