Microsoft Teams for Education, including 7x7 video and Breakout Rooms

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I see that the above is coming for schools. However I provide training for many NHS Trusts in England and Wales providing professional development training for groups of 10 - 35 staff. What is coming online in the fall for schools would be ideal for my NHS work (ie most of my work). How does one access the functionality of MST that is being made available to schools and universities as an independent educator? 


Also many NHS Trusts are opting for a blended learning approach. some professionals in an onsite training room with conference cam, and some joining from their own digital devices. How will this work when it comes to putting participants into breakout rooms? 


I'm currently using zoom for education and training as its just so easy to use. But NHS Wales is looking for a MST solution. 


Many thanks



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Hey! On mobile so will be short. It’s not only coming to ’Teams education’ so no worries :)

See this post!

@Maria64 the 7x7 and breakout room functionality will come to all Teams users, not just Education.