Microsoft Teams Failed To Update Tagged List on Notify When Available

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Hi everyone,

I have some issue with Microsoft Teams which is i can't notify user when available and appear this error like photo below. But not all user, but some user i cant notify them when available.

nani kore.PNG

I try search in community and not found or maybe i mislook. 
I hope someone can guide me to fix this.

Regards, Thanks.

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Hi, I've not seen that error before, nor can I find any information from a Google search.  How long have you been encountering this issue?  May be worth seeing if it clears itself up after a while.  If not, maybe log a support ticket with Microsoft.



Almost 2 week, my boss notice this issues when he can't notify user when available.
I try walk-around such like uninstall and install again MS Teams and same issue. There are some user we can't apply notify when available.

I checking configuration on my MS Teams program, nothing weird.
So, is that depends on individual setting that prevent we set them for notify when available or else?

I try Google about this issues, but no result. :cry:

Quick question, can you guide me how to submit log a support ticket with Microsoft? Thanks for helping.



If you are an Administrator of your O365 tenant,  you can open a new support ticket by going to the O365 Admin Center, and navigate to Support > New Service request as shown below;


Screenshot 2020-04-26 at 20.20.58.png

Type in a description for your issue, and then you should see the Contact Support option appear as follows;


Screenshot 2020-04-26 at 20.23.00.png



Thank you sir for guide me. :happyface:
I will submit it. 

I hope other user that have similar issues, will found this thread. 

@Amir_Hussaini  Did you get a resolution to this? We have started experiencing the same issue.

@Kevil-LTU Nope, that issue still there. Last MS Support sent email me regarding this issues is on 25/05/2020. I forgot to follow up that issue because we just ignore that problem. :cryingwithlaughter: (that features is good, but can't do anything with that bug, just let it go)


I think my ticket still open, if closed, i will get notification say my ticket is closed, right? 


I thought only me facing this issues. Hope you submit ticket to them and they will notice about this issue. :smile:



@Amir_Hussaini @Kevil-LTU I'm seeing this issue also - any further news/pointers? Did it get resolved?

Hi All


Having same issue, on one Member, was this ever resolved?




Happened to notice that my own instances of this issue have fixed themselves. I've done nothing further to troubleshoot/understand what happened here,... but the problem has now gone AFAIC.

Does anybody know if a fault was acknowledged / implemented?




Has anyone found a solution to this issue? I have tried everything from clearing cache to reinstalling teams to even changing my laptop but the issue persists.