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Does anyone have any information on when external camera will be recognised in Teams on IOS for IPad?

I Use my IPad Pro as primary tool for work and have the Apple Studio Display.

It would be great to use the camera for this function.


Every time (many times a day) I receive or give a call I have to move the call to the iPad rather than the screen to utilize the camera-function.



Works well with FaceTime 

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Hello @Tompa1978 

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I understand that you want to know when external camera will be recognized in Teams on IOS for IPad?

External cameras are not currently supported on iPadOS. Whether or not Teams can utilize this feature depends on Microsoft providing support for it in their app. In the meantime, external cameras should still work with Apple-made apps like FaceTime however Microsoft is currently looking into this feature but currently there is no ETA as to when this will be implemented.

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This is not true.  External cameras are supported by iPadOS 17.  They work for FaceTime and Zoom, but sadly not Teams.  I have a similar issue in that I use my iPad extensively for work, but when I join video calls, I don’t use Teams.  It’s very disruptive.

@Tompa1978 - I have two other issues using Teams on my iPad for video calls. Wondering if you experience the same.
1. When I move Teams to the external monitor while on a call, my video feed rotates 90 degrees clockwise.
2. When I’m using a Bluetooth headset with an external monitor plugged in, Teams does not recognize the headset. I can only use the built in audio.
Mbrossart mentioned this, but external cameras were recently added for support. I've done this with a Logitech using Zoom on iPadOS, and naturally Facetime supports it as well.

Curious if this is on the roadmap...
Microsoft Teams on iOS for iPad does not natively support the use of external cameras. The application typically uses the built-in iPad camera for video calls.
Bumping this. Just set up a dock to get external monitor, webcam, speakers, keyboard, and mouse all hooked up via USB-C on iPad Pro. Zoom works great but nada on Teams.
I've found a workaround until Microsoft provides support for the native iPad OS app. I was able to get my camera recognized using the Teams web app on Safari only. This doesn't work in Edge or Chrome, and I didn't test with Firefox so YMMV. You also lose the ability to customize webcam setting if you have a companion app for Windows or Mac, but at least your camera *should* function. For reference, I'm using an Insta360 Link.

Also, if you have another browser set as default other than Safari, don't waste your time saving the tab to your home page, as it will open in the non-compatible browser.

Hope this helps!
I have exactly the same issue. Our company selected MS for our productivity suite but after nearly 1 year there is still no external camera support in MS Teams for iPad and it is quite frustrating. The capability is in iPad OS 17, other video calling apps support external cameras but MS Teams (where we spend much of our working day) does not. Please please please add this feature in an update to MS Teams for iPad asap… Thank you
I’m experiencing the same issues as people have noted above. I just wanted to offer my support for this feature request. It’s frustrating it one of the things that stops me from working with an all iPad workflow.

bumping this thread as well. It’s been supported for almost a year now on iPadOS. It would be ideal if teams could support it.

Why is Microsoft not addressing this issue? It's a straightforward update for TEAMS that many users are requesting. Zoom already supports this feature on iPadOS. For those of us relying solely on iPads, the camera's orientation is preventing full usage.

We've been patient. Please inform us if the external webcam feature will be implemented for TEAMS soon, or we may need to consider switching to another product.

I would just like to add my support for this request. It is insanely frustrating that the iPadOS Teams app does not support my Apple Studio Display camera.


Thank you!

Yes. Our company just moved into a new facility and we're looking at adding Jabra cameras to our conference rooms. The easiest way to connect it all is with an iPad that we also use for product testing. But, just found out that Teams, unlike Zoom, does not support an external camera even though iPadOS has supported it since iPadOS 17.

What is really frustrating is Microsoft has nearly 250,000 employees worldwide and Microsoft Teams is a very important application for them. Can't they put 5 people on making sure that Teams on iOS works better than anything else?